“The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible.”

-Ernest Holmes

What is Science of Mind?

Science of Mind is a spiritual philosophy put forth by Ernest Holmes in 1926. It emphasizes the belief in one omnipresent God, the Oneness of all beings with God, and Universal Law, that which we believe, is made manifest.

In Holmes’ own words, “The study of the Science of Mind is a study of First Cause, Spirit, Mind, or that invisible Essence, that ultimate Stuff and Intelligence from which everything comes, the Power back of creation - the Thing Itself. We accept this ‘Thing’ and believe in it. What we desire is to know more about It, and how to use it.” (The Science of Mind, 26)

Science of Mind is not only a spiritual teaching but also a way of life. In his book How to Speak Science of Mind, Dennis Jones D.D. states: “Science of Mind exists to facilitate the reawakening of each individual’s awareness of the higher Self, enabling all who desire to discover and know the ultimate Oneness of Universal Life to do so… The teachings offered in Science of Mind are not in opposition to any religious belief or philosophy. Rather, they seek to bring to light the thread of Truth that exists in all spiritual teachings… Science of Mind recognizes that all people are on a path to their own fulfillment and must be guided by their own inner voice. We offer practical and definite methods with which each individual can create positive life changes.”


Science of Mind Classes


Science of Mind 100 series is an introduction to the philosophy of Religious Science, meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer), as well as other universal spiritual principles and practices. You will learn to apply these in your daily life to create positive affects while gaining a greater understanding of the nature of Life and God’s relationship to the individual.

Classes (101-104) are taught in a series of four 8-week long sections. Each section covers a portion of the book The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.

*No prerequisite required



Science of Mind 300 series is for those ready to begin a personal path of healing while becoming a Science of Mind Practitioner. Through use of Spiritual Mind Treatment you will explore the concert of Oneness with God and unconditional Love. This will strengthen your understanding of affirmative prayer, your personal beliefs, and your power to co-create your world.

Classes are taught in two, 1 year long segments. Upon completion you will have the opportunity to test with Emerson Theological Institute for credentialing as a Practitioner of Religious Science.

*Prerequisite: SOM 1 and SOM 2


Science of Mind 200 series includes several 8-week long classes focused on discovering and embodying New Thought writing throughout history.

SOM 2 classes offered at NTC include:

  • SOM 207: Thomas Troward - The Edinburg and More Lectures on Mental Science

  • SOM 208: Ralph Waldo Emerson - Emerson’s Essays

  • SOM 212: Joseph Campbell - Myth and Spirit

*No prerequisite required, completion of SOM 1 highly recommended



Science of Mind 400 series is the final step in becoming a Minister of Religious Science. Multiple classes taught over a two year period focus on the sustainability of the belief system, ethics, church financing, public speaking, as well as learning about the world’s major and minor religions. Upon completion of this series you will have the opportunity to test with Emerson Theological Institute to obtain a Minister of Religious Science Credential, awarded by the institute.

*Prerequisite: SOM 3


Practitioner and Ministerial credentials are granted through the Emerson Theological Institute. More information can be found online at